why us


My daughter Ryan was born in January 2012 and she was instantly my little monkey - “Chunky monkey” to be exact.From that day, I looked forward to putting her outfits together. (What mom doesn’t?) I particularly loved mixing and matching patterned pieces with stylish basics, but had a hard time finding those staple pieces that could be paired with everything. That’s when the light bulb went off: I realized the need for an affordable, eco-friendly line of contemporary basics. Just as every adult has their staple wardrobe pieces, babies need them too. After years in production and operational management for recognized fashion brands, I decided that this was the time to venture out on my own. And with that, came Wee Monkey.
- Shiri Willcot, Founding Monkey



A Map of Our Process:

Our Focus


Wee Monkey is dedicated to creating stylish and contemporary basics for kids. There are the adorable bowties and tutus in the world, but our focus is on the essentials.

We want to design your kid’s favorite shirt. We want to make that snuggly outfit he or she drools over everyday--the pieces you have to secretly steal in order to wash.

And for parents’ sake, Wee Monkey makes those pieces affordable. Your little fashionista will love our solid colored top, because they'll pair perfectly with those cool patterned bottoms. Your little outdoor warrior will love our fabrics, because they’ll move and stretch with ease.

That’s what we’re here for--to help kids play and grow.

For comfort, we print tagless (itch-free) labels with phthalate-free ink. To ensure the very highest quality, we manufacture domestically in Los Angeles, California.


Our Approach


Wee Monkey handles the manufacturing, branding and distribution of all our products. What that means for you is that we ensure high-quality. Our Los Angeles-based manufacturers are the very same companies that produce many of the expensive designer labels on the market.

We take pride in being a vertical e-commerce brand committed to selling exclusively on weemonkey.com. By doing so, we cut out the middleman and avoid the average retail markup of 5x our cost. As a result, we’re able to offer superior children’s clothing at a fraction of the typical price, with zero compromise on quality.


Giving Back


Wee Monkey is a proud partner of the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA). We donate 10% of the profits from all sales.

Here’s a glimpse of COTA’s mission from their website:

“COTA exists to assist patients who require a life-saving organ, bone marrow, or stem cell transplant. COTA works with any patient 21 or younger who needs a life-saving transplant and older patients who need a life saving transplant due to a single-cell genetic disease such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia. COTA guides the family and their volunteers through every necessary fundraising step, including organizing and training the campaign committee; planning successful events and activities; working with the media; and finding multiple sources of funding, and charges no fee for its assistance.”

You can learn more at COTA's website, cota.org.